Illegal drug possession charges

Are You Facing Drug Charges? You Need Legal Protection, Now

Drug charges in Wisconsin are serious business! Despite the growing acceptance of some drugs in other states, Wisconsin remains a fairly harsh judge of substance abuse. Drug charges in Wisconsin can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the drug involved, the amount found, and the apparent intent of the person in possession of the drug. No matter the specific circumstances, however, you don’t want a drug conviction on your record — and if you find yourself facing one now, you...

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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

Understanding Forgery and Fraud in Wisconsin

Charged with Forgery and/or Fraud in Wisconsin?  Protect your rights! Some legal terms find widespread public use. Fraud and forgery are two words that you have likely heard, but may not understand from a criminal perspective. If you are charged with either of these, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help protect your rights. Understanding the accusation you face will help you know what kind of help you need. Defining Fraud Broadly stated, fraud refers to...

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protect your rights from an illegal search

Your Rights Against Police Searches When You Are Away

Illegal Searches While You Are Away From Home – Know Your Rights You may know that the police generally don’t get to search your home without a warrant or permission. What happens, though, if someone else lets them in? Many of us live in a rental home or share a living space with a roommate. If that person lets the police in, you may think you lose your privacy rights. Fortunately, it does not work that way. If the police search your home without you present, they may not be able to...

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domestic abuse domestic violence attorney

Wisconsin Domestic Violence Abuse | Domestic Violence Crimes

These 4 Types Abuse Are Considered Domestic Violence Under Wisconsin Law Domestic violence laws in Wisconsin are comprehensive and harsh for offenders. It is crucial to build a strong defense when facing allegations of domestic violence and that starts with a thorough understanding of what kinds of abuses fall into this category. 4 Categories of Domestic Violence Most people recognize domestic crimes as occurring between spouses, but it can extend beyond spousal relationships to live-in...

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juvenile offenders can be charged in adult court

In Wisconsin, Juvenile Offenders May Be Tried as Adults — Even if They’re Younger Teens

When can a juvenile be tried as an adult in Wisconsin? Wisconsin has clear-cut rules about treating juvenile offenders as adults, which means that age is not enough in the state to protect a younger person from facing adult penalties. The state distinguishes between situations in which rehabilitation may be possible and may be a better alternative, and it also allows jurisdictions to make exceptions to what the law might otherwise require. “Adult” Begins at 17 If the offender...

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