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Boating Under the Influence | Wisconsin BUI Laws

Boating Under The Influence is a Crime in Wisconsin Boating is a popular summer pastime in Wisconsin – for residents and visitors alike. In some cases, boaters will bring alcohol or drugs with them on their excursions. Like driving under the influence, boating under the influence (BUI) is illegal in the state and our waterways are regularly patrolled by conservation wardens and police patrol boats looking for drunk or high boaters. BAC For Boating Under The Influence Same as OWI In our...

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concealed weapon

What Happens if You’re Caught Breaking the Law While Carrying a Weapon in Wisconsin?

Possessing a weapon during a crime can enhance any penalties Wisconsin does not treat weaponry lightly. If you’re caught breaking the law, and it turns out you’re carrying a weapon that Wisconsin law would consider dangerous, you could face additional penalties or more severe charges. Even if you didn’t plan to use the weapon, you could still face extra consequences. A dangerous weapon by Wisconsin standards is basically a deadly weapon or one that could really hurt someone....

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juvenile crimes wisconsin

How Juvenile Incarceration Affects Youth

Know the impacts of Juvenile Incarceration If your child is facing juvenile charges in Wisconsin, you are likely worried about the present moment. What happens if he or she is incarcerated? Will your child be safe? While these are important concerns, you need to think about that child’s future too. Studies show many harmful effects that juvenile incarceration creates as children grow. Avoiding time locked up can be critical to your child’s development and future. Health...

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What Can You Do After a Conviction?

You have some options after a criminal conviction Sometimes things do not go your way in a criminal trial. You may feel you have received an unfair sentence, or you might think the conviction itself is wrong. It is not easy to get a second chance, but there are rules in place to let you ask. If you need to ask the court for relief after you are sentenced, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you. After a Guilty Plea Sometimes defendants plead guilty as part...

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presentencing investigation

Presentencing Investigations In Wisconsin

How The Presentencing Investigation Affects Sentencing In Wisconsin Judges in Wisconsin are charged with determining the appropriate sentence for convicted offenders. They take many facts into consideration as they make a determination. The most influential facts come from the current case, but this is not the only information used to make sentencing decisions. Judges can also order a presentencing investigation or PSI. PSIs are comprehensive reports about the defendant’s history and...

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