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How to Respond to False Shoplifting Allegations

Shoplifting charges can be defended – stand your ground! Stores lose billions of dollars of merchandise every year to shoplifters. It is no wonder that they are pushing aggressive tactics to prevent or recover those losses. Still, if you have done nothing wrong, facing accusations from a large retailer can be intimidating and frustrating. When they press too hard against you, you can get support from an experienced attorney. Defending Yourself Retailers today are sending out letters...

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Bar Fights And Assault Charges In Wisconsin

When A Bar Fight Turns Into An Assault Charge There is solid evidence that alcohol plays a part in violent altercations in Wisconsin. Many bar fights have started after a few drinks, even over something as innocuous as bumping into another person. Although it seems like bar fights could easily be avoided, alcohol-clouded judgment and high-running emotions can quickly turn a simple misunderstanding into a physical altercation that might lead to an arrest and even result in a battery charge. Examples...

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What Can I Do if I Don’t Like My Defense Lawyer?

Changing your Criminal Defense attorney may or may not happen Firing a lawyer from a case seems like a common occurrence, but it’s not as easy as the news makes it sound. In many cases, you can change your defense lawyer if you feel your current one is not working toward your best interest, but it’s not always possible. If you’ve already gotten a defense lawyer and now want to change who is representing you, the effect of the change on the case’s schedule may determine...

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When Sleeping in Your Car Becomes an OWI

Avoid an OWI if you plan to sleep it off in your car Going out to drink can create problems for you if you try to drive home. Your best case is to have a designated driver or call a taxi or ride service. Sometimes, you might decide to just sleep it off in your car. This will not always protect you from an OWI charge. If you do try to sleep it off, you will need to take extra steps to protect yourself. What Is Operating a Vehicle? OWI means “operating while intoxicated.”...

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Avoiding Jail Time on Criminal Charges

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help reduce or eliminate your jail sentence After you are charged with a crime, one of your first questions is whether you will have to serve time in jail. Ideally, the lawyer will help clear you of charges against you. When that isn’t possible, you still may have ways to avoid jail time. Experienced criminal defense counsel can give you the best chance to avoid time behind bars. Defending the Charges If you are innocent, your first...

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