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OWI Charges When You Are Below the Legal Limit

You can still be charged for an OWI if you are below the limit Wisconsin, like most states, has a threshold blood alcohol content that defines legal intoxication. That limit, .08, is the point at which you will automatically be found legally intoxicated. Unfortunately, testing below that level may not be enough to free you of OWI charges. If you are arrested for an OWI, you will need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. What OWI Really Means OWI stands for operating...

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Second Offense OWI | Wisconsin Second Offense Penalties

Penalties for Second Offense OWI in Wisconsin It should come as no surprise that the penalties associated with a second offense OWI in Wisconsin are more severe than those for a first offense OWI. One of the reasons for this is because first offenses are considered civil offenses/violations while second offenses are a criminal offense/violation without exception. This naturally leads to more severe repercussions. Criminal charges for a second OWI include jail time, monetary fines and loss...

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Miranda Rights in Wisconsin

What are your Miranda Rights in Wisconsin Most people are familiar with Miranda rights from crime movies and TV shows. However, entertainment media doesn’t always get the circumstances surrounding those words correct. Officers do have to read you your rights in specific circumstances, but there are times when an officer can question you, legally, without having to read those Miranda rights in Wisconsin. You Must Be in Custody An officer doesn’t have to read you the Miranda...

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Ignition Interlock Device After OWI in Wisconsin

Some facts about Ignition Interlock Device rules in Wisconsin Wisconsin takes very seriously the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. While the state can’t stop all alcohol-related accidents from happening, it does apply strict penalties to anyone who is convicted of an OWI offense. In addition to punishment, it applies a preventative measure in the form of an ignition interlock device, or IID. If you are convicted of an OWI, you can expect an IID to be in your future. When...

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Classes of Misdemeanor Offenses in Wisconsin

Definitions of Classes of Misdemeanor Offenses in Wisconsin In Wisconsin, like in most states, crimes get classified broadly as felonies or misdemeanors. In many cases, the same crime can fall into either category. Further, some crimes might begin as misdemeanors, but become felonies after multiple offenses. While they carry lesser offenses than felonies, misdemeanors still create a serious impact on your life, both in terms of the penalty and the impact a conviction on your record can carry...

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