Domestic Violence Investigations In Wisconsin

The Complexities of Domestic Violence Investigations in Wisconsin Domestic violence makes the news all too frequent. While we may see splashy headlines or an overabundance of reporting on cases involving high-profile individuals, we rarely hear much about the investigation and the ultimate resolution of these cases. That is because these types of cases can be challenging to investigate. The Challenges of Investigating Like all criminal complaints, an accusation is taken seriously by...

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Avoid Marijuana Drug Charges in Wisconsin

Avoiding Marijuana Drug Charges in Wisconsin As more and more states legalize marijuana, it is easy to let down your guard and think it is not a big deal here in Wisconsin. That could not be further from the truth. Although there have been movements to decriminalize marijuana in the state, it has not happened yet. It is still illegal to use or be caught with marijuana here and doing so will result in marijuana drug charges. You Risk State and Federal Charges Marijuana use remains illegal...

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Should I Talk to the Police After an Arrest in Wisconsin

Should I Talk to the Police After an Arrest in Wisconsin? People who are arrested often wonder “Should I talk to the police?” On the one hand, talking to the police seems like the best way to tell your side of the story, clear up any misunderstandings, and get out of jail sooner. On the other hand, our Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys would advise you to not speak to the police without an attorney present. Why Shouldn’t I Talk to the Police? The reason why defense attorneys advise...

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Wisconsin OWI Impact on Insurance | Eisenberg Law

What is my Wisconsin OWI Impact on Insurance? Operating While Intoxicated, or OWI, is illegal in Wisconsin. Many drivers wonder if an OWI on their record will impact their insurance rates and the answer is Yes. An OWI conviction almost always results in an increase in auto insurance premiums. An OWI conviction will carry other penalties as well, notably the SR22. What You Need to Know About the SR22 Provided by Your Insurance Company. An SR22 is a certificate that auto insurers file...

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Plea Bargain FAQs | Wisconsin Plea Deals

9 FAQs Answered About Wisconsin Plea Bargains Anyone who watches legal shows on television has heard the term plea bargain. These “deals” are used widely in fictional entertainment settings, but they are real, legal strategies that are used throughout Wisconsin to close cases. Below, we answer nine common questions about plea deals. What are plea bargains? Plea bargains, also referred to as plea deals or plea agreements, are contracts between criminal defendants and local prosecutors. In...

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