Illegal drug charges in Wisconsin

Understanding Possession Laws in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, as in many states, possession can be a crime. You can illegally possess drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearms, or many other items. Before you assume you are safe on these fronts, though, you should know that possession is not always obvious. Depending on your circumstances, you may be arrested without even being aware you had legal possession. Physical Control The most obvious kind of possession comes when you have something with you. If you have drugs or a firearm in your...

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sexual assault attorney Madison WI

Sexual Assault Charges | False Accusations

4 Steps to Protect Yourself When Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault Sometimes sexual assault charges are false, but proving innocence can be difficult given the visceral response most people have to allegations of sexual assault. Being falsely accused of sexual assault can be trying. The concept of “innocent until proven guilty” seems to go out the window and the accused can be ostracized or feel abandoned by friends and family. Even if you know you are innocent and even though...

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social media

Social Media Use May Affect Your Trial Outcome

Social media gives others a window into your life, and if you’re involved in a trial, that window could result in a poorer court outcome for you if you’re not careful. Your posts and pictures could be used against you, and, because these posts can be misread easily, you could stand accused of things you actually didn’t do. While social media plays a large role in many people’s lives and businesses now, if you’re going to court, you need to be very, very careful about...

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Probation in Wisconsin

Probation Holds in Wisconsin

If you are arrested and convicted of a crime, you sometimes receive probation as part or all of your sentence. You should not confuse probation with freedom, though. If you violate the terms of probation, you may be taken into custody. This is called a probation hold. What Is a Probation Hold? A probation hold comes when you violate the terms of your probation. Depending on the circumstances, it may mean you need to report to jail, or you may be taken into custody where you are. In Wisconsin...

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Illegal drug charges in Wisconsin

Drug Charges | Probable Cause | Reasonable Suspicion

Drug Charges Hinge on the Legality of Police Actions Did you know that drug charges hinge on the legality of police actions, even if you are caught with narcotics in your possession? If police don’t follow proper protocol, charges can be dismissed, which is one good reason why you should always contact a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a drug crime, however hopeless you think your situation may be. Police Stops and Probable Cause One of the very first questions...

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