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Defense Options To Theft Charges In Wisconsin

What Are Your Defense Options When Facing Theft Charges in Wisconsin? Theft charges and convictions for theft vary widely in their severity in Wisconsin, but even the least serious charge, a Class A misdemeanor, can lead to as much as $10,000 in fines and up to 9 months in jail. That is anything but simple or insignificant if you are convicted. Fortunately, there are several defense options that can be used to fight theft charges. Defining Theft in Wisconsin In order for an action to...

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open container law

Be Careful With Takeout Alcohol – Wisconsin Has an Open Container Law

Wisconsin has an open container law, and it hasn’t been suspended because of the pandemic. It’s very much in force, and if you’re getting alcohol to go from a bar or restaurant, you have to be very careful not to violate the law accidentally. And unfortunately, that’s easy to do if you’re not used to taking a prepared alcoholic drink away from the place where you’d normally drink it. The open container law is simple: No open containers of alcohol inside...

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Aiding, Abetting, and Partner-in-Crime Laws in Wisconsin

Tune into any crime show on TV and you’ll hear the term “aiding and abetting” at some point. These two terms are usually mentioned together and are often treated as one charge, but they are different crimes. Aiding and abetting can land you in jail even if you didn’t participate in the actual committing of a crime. However, unlike on many TV shows, aiding and abetting in Wisconsin applies to active help, and not just being an unwitting bystander. Aiding someone with...

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Is Possessing Drug Paraphernalia a Crime in Wisconsin?

Can I be arrested for drug paraphernalia in Wisconsin? You might think merely possessing drug paraphernalia like a pipe or decorative bong would be legal as long as you weren’t using it or selling it, but that’s not always the case. Both Wisconsin and federal law have strict statutes against possession of drug paraphernalia with the intent to use, but because your real intent might not always be clear, you could find yourself in trouble. Intent to Use The real question regarding...

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Illegal drug possession charges

Are There Alternatives to Jail for Drug Offenders in Wisconsin?

Drug diversion and treatment alternatives instead of jail time Treatment Alternatives and Diversion programs (TAD programs) help drug offenders receive treatment instead of locking them away. Drug crimes vary in severity, and some, such as distribution or smuggling, can land you in prison. However, if you were convicted only of possession or using drugs, jail and prison may not be the best places for you. Instead, treatment could be what you need, and in Wisconsin, it is possible to be placed...

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