prescription drug fraud

Recognizing Prescription Drug Fraud

Protect your rights if you’ve been charged with prescription drug fraud Prescription drug abuse continues to take a massive toll on society, fueled in part by prescription drug fraud. Obtaining these drugs through illegal means is unfortunately very common, and in many cases, rather easy. Both patients and doctors can commit this type of crime. It can be difficult to defend yourself against charges of prescription drug fraud, and it helps to know what this crime entails so that you have...

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computer crimes

4 Common Types of Computer Crimes

Computer crimes that can get you into serious trouble In today’s world, much of the criminal activity occurs not in the streets, but behind a computer screen. Many crimes now occur from afar, with the authorities putting the pieces together with forensic analysis to retrace criminals’ steps. These have become big problems in Wisconsin and across the country. 1. Viruses and Malware Computer programs and apps rely on coding to function properly. Unfortunately, very smart programmers...

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Defending Wire Fraud Charges

If you’ve been charged with Wire Fraud, get an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Wire fraud is a federal crime that can get you into serious trouble. Some of the factors involved are complicated, so you may not understand the charges when you receive them. Rather than trying to go it alone or work with an inexperienced attorney, you should look for someone who understands not only the elements of the crime, but how to defend you in federal court. Defining Wire Fraud Fraud is...

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violating restraining order

Consequences Of Violating A Restraining Order In Wisconsin

Consequences Of Violating A Restraining Order In Wisconsin Restraining orders are legal documents that limit where an individual can go and with whom they can have contact; they may also limit certain rights and privileges. Violating a restraining order, which is a court-ordered document, can lead to misdemeanor charges in Wisconsin. Restraining Orders In Wisconsin Wisconsin allows almost anyone to file a restraining order against another person if they feel they are being harassed or...

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Domestic Abuse Charges and Your Reputation

If you are facing charges of domestic abuse, get the help of a criminal defense attorney to help mitigate or eliminate the damages Domestic abuse is a terrible crime, and charges alone can have an adverse effect on your life. You could find yourself without a job and find people avoiding you, and if you’re convicted and punished, you could even find future job opportunities and apartments limited. People may also begin to treat you as if you could become violent, which is a problem in...

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