marijuana possession in WI

Traffic Stops and Marijuana Possession Arrest

Madison Criminal Defense Attorney provides insight to traffic stops and marijuana possessionWhile many states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana, Wisconsin still considers marijuana possession a crime. This means that if you have marijuana in your car when you are driving, you can be arrested if the police officers discover it during a traffic stop. If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, you need legal representation right away.Possession and Probable CauseMost...

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Misdemeanors Vs. Felonies In Wisconsin

Misdemeanors Vs. Felonies In Wisconsin ExplainedWisconsin state statute is very clear on misdemeanors vs. felonies. Section 939.60 offers this definition: “A crime punishable by imprisonment of 1 year of more in the Wisconsin state prisons is a felony. Every other crime is a misdemeanor.”The primary differences between misdemeanors and felonies are:The penalties involved and Court proceduresMisdemeanor vs. Felony PenaltiesFelony and misdemeanor are the two primary...

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domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

Understanding Wisconsin Domestic Violence Law

Wisconsin takes domestic violence laws seriously. This comes from a place of wanting to protect the safety of all of its citizens. Still, if you don’t understand how this area of law works, you might find yourself in trouble for your actions or words. Before you get to that point, take the time to understand just what domestic violence means in Wisconsin.Who Do These Laws Protect?Domestic violence laws come into play between family members or any people living together. If you live...

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arrested in Wisconsin

Getting a Lawyer After You Are Arrested

When you get arrested, your mind starts racing. You think about your friends and your family, about what you are going to do. Hopefully, you also think about contacting a lawyer. Before you do, though, you have some time to stop and plan. You don’t want to call the first attorney you hear about. Instead, do a little work and make sure you find the right person for your case.Research Your Choices FirstFirst, you need to look into lawyers who practice criminal law. If you are arrested...

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arrested in Wisconsin

Do I Really Need a Lawyer if I Was Arrested for Something I Didn’t Do?

Don’t take chances with your future, get the help of an experience criminal defense attorneyBeing arrested for a crime you definitely did not commit is shocking and alarming — yet there’s a tendency for some to think there will be no problem getting the charges dropped. This overconfidence can extend to the judicial process, in which the accused decides a lawyer isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, as in other states, it’s possible to be convicted for a crime...

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