fake id

What Happens if You’re Caught Using a Fake ID?

Using a Fake ID can lead to serious charges and penalties A fake ID is one that isn’t yours but that you’re using as your own ID. This can be a totally fake, manufactured ID with your picture but different personal information, or it could be a legitimate ID that belongs to someone else that you’re presenting as your own. In both cases your use of the ID is illegal as it’s a form of misrepresentation, specifically “falsification of proof of age,” that allows...

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occupational driver's license restrictions

Wisconsin’s Occupational Driver’s License Restrictions

4 Facts About Wisconsin’s Occupational Driver’s License Receiving a DUI in Wisconsin is easier than you might expect. The state’s BAC limit is just .08%. That is low enough that two  drinks with dinner could be enough to put you over the limit. If you are pulled over, and the alcohol is still in your system, you can get a DUI and may lose your driver’s license, at least temporarily, and even longer if convicted. Losing your license can have a ripple effect on...

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drunk driving test

Potential Defenses Against OWI Charges in Wisconsin

Here are some possible defenses against OWI charges in Wisconsin Operating while intoxicated (OWI) is a serious charge that can lead to the suspension of your license along with fines and potential jail time. While no one wants chronically intoxicated drivers on the road, you likely aren’t too happy about the prospect of losing your driving privileges and freedom if your arrest was based on faulty or dodgy evidence. Should you find yourself facing charges of OWI in court, you still have...

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boating under the influence

Can You Actually Be Charged With “Boating While Intoxicated”?

Is Boating Under the Influence in Wisconsin really a thing? Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered operating while intoxicated, or OWI, in Wisconsin. This includes boat operation, as a boat is technically a vehicle that you guide by operating controls. However, boating while drunk or drugged carries a separate charge called “Boating Under the Influence,” or BUI. The BUI charge is similar in some ways to an OWI. What Is Considered “Boating...

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disorderly conduct

What Is a Disorderly Conduct with a Firearm Charge and What Can You Do to Fight It?

Disorderly Conduct (with possession of a Firearm) is a Serious charge A charge of disorderly conduct with a firearm is serious, not just because of the nature of the crime, but also because you’re actually facing a charge with the option of added penalties. In Wisconsin, there’s no specific charge of disorderly conduct with a firearm, but there is a disorderly conduct charge and the ability to assign additional penalties for the use of a dangerous weapon. This combination can get...

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