domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

Understanding Wisconsin Domestic Violence Law

Wisconsin takes domestic violence laws seriously. This comes from a place of wanting to protect the safety of all of its citizens. Still, if you don’t understand how this area of law works, you might find yourself in trouble for your actions or words. Before you get to that point, take the time to understand just what domestic violence means in Wisconsin.Who Do These Laws Protect?Domestic violence laws come into play between family members or any people living together. If you live...

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arrested in Wisconsin

Getting a Lawyer After You Are Arrested

When you get arrested, your mind starts racing. You think about your friends and your family, about what you are going to do. Hopefully, you also think about contacting a lawyer. Before you do, though, you have some time to stop and plan. You don’t want to call the first attorney you hear about. Instead, do a little work and make sure you find the right person for your case.Research Your Choices FirstFirst, you need to look into lawyers who practice criminal law. If you are arrested...

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Recovering Costs for Physical Therapy After a Slip and Fall

Medical care costs more in Wisconsin every year. If you’ve been in an accident, your time in a hospital or visiting your primary doctor afterward is a big part of your costs, but it doesn’t end the story. Often, you have to go through ongoing treatment, including physical therapy. When you file a claim for your injuries, you don’t want to leave this out.When You Need Physical TherapyHospital care and treatment often focus on the larger, structural issues you face...

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wisconsin personal injury attorneys

When to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in an accident, you need to think first about healing. As the medical bills and time away from work add up, it makes sense to think about whether you deserve compensation for your injuries. If someone else caused your injuries, it may be time to seek a personal injury attorney to help you.Who Caused Your Accident?One of the first questions to consider is who caused your accident. Sometimes accidents just happen, through your own distraction or bad luck. Often, though,...

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small child sitting in front seat of car

Personal Injury Case For An Injured Child

3 Ways An Injured Child Personal Injury Case Differs From Adult CasesIf a child is injured due to the actions, or even inactions, of another party, his or her parent or guardian can pursue a personal injury case on the minor’s behalf. This is similar to how an adult who is injured by another party can pursue a personal injury claim to try and reclaim damages for their injuries. However, there are three ways in which a personal injury case involving a child differs from that of an adult:The statute...

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