6 Questions About Disorderly Conduct Charges in Wisconsin

6 Questions About Disorderly Conduct Charges in Wisconsin Disorderly conduct is a Class B misdemeanor in Wisconsin. The charges stem from arguments, altercations, and disagreements and are one of the easiest of charges to levy against a person. Disorderly conduct is defined by Wisconsin State Statute 947.01(1) as: “Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in...

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4 Common Defenses To Wisconsin OWI Charges | Eisenberg Law

4 Common Defenses Against OWI Charges in Wisconsin Wisconsin driving laws are strict, particularly when it comes to OWI charges. An OWI conviction can lead to the loss of your driving privileges, fines, and even jail time, which is why they should never be taken lightly. Prosecutors rely on physical evidence to prove OWI cases. Therefore, defense strategies center on disputing this evidence. This often comes down to examining whether or not proper procedures were followed or questioning...

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Dog Bite Injuries and Wisconsin Statute of Limitations

Dog Bite in Wisconsin? Report it Before the Statute of Limitations Runs Out A dog bite qualifies under personal injury law in Wisconsin. That means you can file a lawsuit against the dog owner to obtain compensation for your injury. One important fact to keep in mind: the statute of limitations. You have a limited period of time in which to file the lawsuit or you will miss your chance to file a suit and collect damages. The Statute of Limitations in Dog Bite Injury Cases Wisconsin has...

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Eisenberg Law | Madison Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyer

5 Ways a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You After an Accident A car accident lawyer is your advocate and guide from the initial claim filing to whatever path your claim takes – a settlement or a court case. Our Madison, Wisconsin car accident attorneys make certain that accident victims’ rights are protected and that every avenue is exhausted before a claim is settled to ensure fair and adequate compensation for injuries and expenses. Below, are 5 ways auto accident attorneys can accident victims. Five...

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Domestic Violence Investigations In Wisconsin

The Complexities of Domestic Violence Investigations in Wisconsin Domestic violence makes the news all too frequent. While we may see splashy headlines or an overabundance of reporting on cases involving high-profile individuals, we rarely hear much about the investigation and the ultimate resolution of these cases. That is because these types of cases can be challenging to investigate. The Challenges of Investigating Like all criminal complaints, an accusation is taken seriously by...

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