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Car Accident Aftermath: How to Deal With Your Insurance Company

Some tips for dealing with your insurance company after a car accident Your insurance company is usually on your side when you get into an accident. However, the sheer amount of communication you have to initiate and track — not to mention the records and other paper trails you may have to obtain or monitor — can make you feel like the opposite is true. The process of filing an insurance claim and recouping costs does not have to be that complicated, and if you know what to do...

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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

White Collar Crime Is More Serious Than Many Realize

In Wisconsin, white collar crimes are taken seriously White collar crime tends not to involve violence — in fact, it has a reputation of being almost “boring” to the average person — and that means that many don’t realize that white collar crime is serious. Most people understand that fraud and embezzlement are not minor, but there is a disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to these types of financial crimes. However, white collar crime definitely...

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Probation in Wisconsin

Penalties for Probation Violation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin probation violation penalties After you are convicted of a crime, one of the best outcomes you can get is probation. Whether this comes in lieu of jail time or after you serve part of your sentence, it can feel like freedom. Unfortunately, you still have conditions you have to meet to keep that freedom. Violating your probation can lead to a longer probation or even jail time. Ways to Violate Your Probation Any time a court places you on probation, it orders conditions you...

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OWI Charges When You Are Below the Legal Limit

You can still be charged for an OWI if you are below the limit Wisconsin, like most states, has a threshold blood alcohol content that defines legal intoxication. That limit, .08, is the point at which you will automatically be found legally intoxicated. Unfortunately, testing below that level may not be enough to free you of OWI charges. If you are arrested for an OWI, you will need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. What OWI Really Means OWI stands for operating...

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Personal Injury Claims When You Are Partially At Fault

How to determine fault for a personal injury claim Accidents happen. When they do, figuring out whose fault it was can be complicated. You may have made a mistake, and it can leave you believing that you can’t do anything about it. Fortunately, this is often not the case. An experienced lawyer can help you with your personal injury claim, even if an accident was partially your fault. Sharing the Blame It can be too easy to blame yourself for an accident. On the highway, you may...

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