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False Imprisonment Is a Serious Crime in Wisconsin

False Imprisonment – Know what to do if you’ve been charged False imprisonment is a felony in Wisconsin, and the charge covers more than you might realize. It is far from a narrowly defined crime and does not resemble the jail-type scenario that many think of when they hear the term. Instead, it refers to confining or restraining someone against their will when the person doing the restraining knows that they don’t have the right to do so. The law in[...]
driving with sun glare

How to Deal With Sun Glare When Driving

Avoid a car accident due to sun glare It’s safe to say that all drivers have encountered “sun glare” at one time or another, even as a passenger in a car. This sudden sun-in-the-eyes phenomenon is the bane of those heading east in the morning and west in the afternoon. While it can’t be totally avoided, sun glare doesn’t have to be as frequent as it seems. You can take steps to reduce the chances of encountering it, which keeps you[...]
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Reduced Charges After a DUI Arrest

Fight DUI charges to save your right to drive If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Wisconsin, you face significant penalties. Even for the first offense, you can face license revocation, forfeitures, education requirements, and much higher insurance premiums. For this reason, you will want to fight any DUI charges. If you can’t have charges dismissed entirely, you should try to reduce the charges to a lesser offense. You need experienced, effective counsel to achieve this. The Evidence at[...]
snowmobile accident

How to Protect Your Rights After a Snowmobile Accident

If you’ve been in a snowmobile accident, here’s what to do In Wisconsin winters, many residents and visitors enjoy snowmobiling. While this provides a great deal of entertainment, a snowmobile is a fast, powerful vehicle that can cause injuries. In fact, from June 2016 through May 2017, Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources reported 166 accidents that resulted in injuries, and 16 deaths from snowmobile accidents. If you have been injured in an accident involving a snowmobile, it is important to move to[...]
personal injury lawsuit

Most Common Car Accident Injuries to the Neck and Spine

Get checked for these common car accident injuries soon after a crash If you are in a car accident, you are likely worried first about your car. The adrenaline often keeps you from feeling the effects of an injury until well after the accident. A crash, though, creates a powerful impact on your neck and spine. As soon after an accident as possible, whether you feel symptoms or not, you should visit a doctor to check for these common car accident[...]
Wisconsin personal injury case punitive damages

Punitive Damages in Wisconsin Personal Injury Cases

Can you collect punitive damages in your Wisconsin personal injury case? If you are injured in Wisconsin, you can sue the person who causes your injuries for money damages. This includes compensatory damages: medical bills, lost wages, lost property value, and other economic losses. In some cases, though, you may also seek punitive damages in your Wisconsin personal injury case. These come on top of replacing your losses and can form a critical part of your award at trial. What Are Punitive[...]
4th owi wisconsin

License Is Revoked After 4th OWI In Wisconsin

A 4th OWI In Wisconsin Now Results In Permanent Loss Of Driver’s License In March of 2018, SB 135 was signed into law in Wisconsin. This new law permanently revokes a driver’s license if the driver has been convicted of a 4th OWI in Wisconsin. Prior to this bill becoming law, drivers who received a first, second, third, or fourth OWI could have their license revoked for up to 3 years with the 4th OWI resulting in a felony charge and[...]
Personal Injury Lawsuit

Suing For Police Brutality In Wisconsin

Suing For Police Brutality In Wisconsin Violent interactions between citizens and Wisconsin police remain common despite increased media attention and officer training. When a citizen is injured during an altercation with the police, he or she may be able to sue for police brutality. Section 1983 of Civil Rights Act Protects Against Police Brutality The Civil Rights Act protects U.S. citizens’ constitutional rights. Section 1983 of the Act provides specific protection from the use of excessive force by law enforcement while also providing[...]


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