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Illegal drug possession charges

Long-Term Effects of Juvenile Drug Crime Penalties

Accused of Juvenile Drug Crimes? Criminal Lawyer can help mitigate impact Juvenile drug crimes are not treated lightly. Even if the eventual penalties for a particular case are not severe, it is never a given that the courts will go easy on the juvenile. In fact, they could hand down relatively harsh or long-lasting punishment depending on certain circumstances. For juveniles and their families, these penalties could have long-term effects. Basic Penalties Juveniles may face punishment for...

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wisconsin bike accident injury

Bicyclists – Don't Forget Your Helmets

Bicycle Accidents – Wearing your helmet still makes sense Madison bicyclists may be taking unnecessary risks with their lives by not wearing helmets while riding, according to a recent story in the weekly paper Isthmus. With the discovery that wearing a bicycle helmet may actually draw cars toward a bike or make the car drivers be less careful around bikes, the drop in helmet use might sound at least a little bit sensible. However, the fact remains that wearing a helmet can reduce...

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bar fight madison wi

Defending Charges for Bar Fights

Charged in a bar fight?  Madison Law Firm is ready to help Bars can be dangerous places. Whenever people are drinking and together in a small room, a fight can happen. Unfortunately, this can get you in trouble even if you didn’t start the fight. While you should try to avoid a fight when possible, sometimes you get pulled in. When this happens, you can face criminal charges for something you didn’t start. You will need the help of a good legal team to help defend your rights. Self-Defense If...

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criminal defense attorney madison wi

What Is Bail Jumping?

Charged with Bail Jumping? Madison Criminal Defense Attorney can help If you are arrested in Wisconsin, the court sets the conditions for your bail, if any, at your first appearance. This includes either a signature or cash bond that allows you to stay out of jail until your trial if you meet the conditions. You must agree not to commit any other crimes, and appear for your next hearing. Depending on the crime for which you are arrested, there may be other conditions as well. If you violate...

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personal injury claim sign

Time to File Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Claim

Time is running out to file your Wisconsin Personal Injury Claim If you suffer a personal injury, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit in Wisconsin. This period, called the statute of limitations, helps ensure efficient justice for injured people, and prevents people who cause injuries from having to defend claims many years later. Understanding the time limit for your injury can help you avoid missing your chance to recover the damages you suffer. General Time Is Three Years For most...

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