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Charged with Possession of Child Pornography in Wisconsin?

A charge of possession of child pornography in Wisconsin is cause for alarm for anyone, but especially for those who claim they had nothing to do with the images despite an apparent connection. The ability to essentially contaminate a computer, or even an internet connection search history, is not a myth, and it takes a lot of investigating and legal wrangling to reach the truth.
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Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

The news often carries stories of personal injury lawsuits that end up in lengthy court battles. That can make potential plaintiffs wonder if their cases will end up with similar courtroom-based fates. In reality, not every case makes it to court because a large number of cases are settled before any courtroom action is possible. Many defendants offer settlements, which plaintiffs can choose to accept or decline. When to agree to a settlement and avoid court is sometimes tricky.
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Understanding the Risks of Synthetic Marijuana Use in Wisconsin

Today a large volume of advertising promotes the potential positive effects of marijuana. While these may or may not have merit, people who have their guard down about marijuana may be in danger when it comes to different kinds of synthetic marijuana available. These substances come in different forms, but all of them are illegal to sell, use, or possess. If you have synthetic marijuana in Wisconsin, you risk arrest and prison time.
arrested for misdemeanor theft in Wisconsin

Misdemeanor Theft Charge in Wisconsin: What happens next?

A charge of misdemeanor theft in Wisconsin applies any time you are accused of taking something of value from another person without intending to return it. If you are served with a summons arrested on these charges, things start to move fast. You will want to hire an attorney right away, before the process starts moving in earnest toward a trial.
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Protecting Your Health Insurance Rights in Wisconsin

If you are in an accident in Wisconsin, one worry you face comes in the form of growing medical bills. In many cases, the hospital will not immediately bill your insurance company, leaving you looking at numbers that seem terrifying. Fortunately, you can find help with your personal injury medical bills. We work regularly with hospitals and insurers to help our injured clients find peace of mind.
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Technology Can Help Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Claim

If you are injured in Madison, Wisconsin, it is easy to find a personal injury attorney. Look at the phone book, a billboard, or your mail, and you will find dozens of lawyers. Finding the right one, though, takes a little more time. One area that can set the best firms apart comes in embracing and applying technology to help with your case. Savvy applications of current litigation technology can make your case more efficient in preparations and give you[...]
madison divorce attorney warns about using social media

Using Social Media During Divorce | Madison Divorce Attorneys

Social media is so common and widespread these days that we sometimes forget it's a public forum. As our Madison divorce attorneys have witnessed firsthand, that can pose a problem for people going through contentious divorces. Social media posts and comments can be used as evidence in many different kinds of legal cases, including divorce and child custody situations. Social media sites are one of the first places your spouse or his/her attorney will look for evidence that can be[...]
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Crime Victims And Personal Injury Claims | Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney

The most common basis for personal injury claims is typically an accident or negligence, but crime victims may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against their attackers and/or the property owner of the location where the attack occurred. Assault and battery and sex crimes often result in physical and emotional injury. When this happens, a personal injury (PI) claim may be filed to help remedy the injuries and help the victim recover from the experience.


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