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car accident attorneys

Who pays the personal injury expenses for a hit and run accident?

Accident Injuries from a hit-and-run driver are the responsibility of your insurance carrier Hit-and-run accidents are frustrating because they leave behind damage and injury — and no one for your insurance company to contact. When the person who hit you drives off without giving you or witnesses any information, it may seem like you’re stuck with the bill for all car repair and medical costs. In Wisconsin, this is not necessarily the case. A hit-and-run driver is technically...

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criminal defense attorney madison wi

5 Things to Know When Choosing a Felony Attorney in Wisconsin

When faced with felony charges in Wisconsin, know what makes a good felony attorney Felonies are serious, and when you go to choose a felony attorney to represent you in court, you must choose wisely. Interviewing the attorney is recommended so that you find someone with whom you get along professionally. Choosing the wrong attorney, even if the attorney seems skilled at first, potentially affects your chances of a successful court outcome. What Experience Does the Attorney Have in the County...

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wisconsin bike accident injury

Madison WI Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

Before you accept an injury settlement, talk to the bicycle accident injury attorneys at ELO In Wisconsin, bicycling provides exercise and open-air enjoyment for thousands of people every year. Unfortunately, a bicycle also provides much less protection than a vehicle. If you encounter a careless driver, you might find yourself in danger. Still, you have as much right to be out on a bicycle as anyone else has to be in a car. When a driver or someone else causes an accident with you on your...

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domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

Bail Conditions and No-Contact Orders – what you need to know

Understand your bail conditions, especially a no contact order When people are arrested and post bail, they often think of the bail as offering freedom. But this is not necessarily true. If you are arrested for some crimes, including domestic violence or some drug charges, you may have conditions posted on your bail. One of the most common are no contact orders, which limits how close you can be to certain people after you post bail. Violating a no-contact order brings its own penalties...

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OWI attorney Madison WI

Wisconsin's new 4th OWI law – what you should know

Arrested for 4th OWI in Wisconsin?  Here’s what you should know As of January 1, 2017, Wisconsin OWI law has changed for a fourth offense. If you have been convicted of three offenses, no matter when in your life they occurred, a fourth offense counts as a felony. The penalties for felony OWI charges are steeper, and the impact on your life going forward can be severe. If you are arrested for a fourth offense OWI, then, you need strong, experienced legal representation to protect you. Changes...

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