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image of youth accused of Wisconsin juvenile crimes

What makes a Wisconsin juvenile crimes court different than adult court?

A Wisconsin Juvenile Crimes Court may provide leniency Hearing that your child has to attend a Wisconsin juvenile crimes court is not pleasant news. However, it does not have to be bad news, either. A juvenile crimes court is set up specifically to help guide the juvenile involved. There can be punishment, but the system treats a juvenile crime in a much different manner than an adult crime. When a minor is accused of a crime, the subsequent hearing and punishment, if appropriate, usually...

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domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

3 Surprising Facts Most People Do Not Know about Domestic Violence Charges

In Wisconsin, Domestic Violence Charges can encompass more than you think Domestic violence charges bring serious consequences in Wisconsin, including a 72-hour no contact order, loss of access to firearms, and significant penalties. It also puts a mark on your criminal record that can be impossible to fully overcome. But while most people understand the importance of the issue, common misconceptions make it seem less likely to happen to you. Below are three facts that you may not realize...

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Illegal drug charges in Wisconsin

Are you facing drug charges in Wisconsin?

If you are facing drug charges in Wisconsin, it’s time to hire a criminal defense attorney When most people think of drug crimes, they may think of a hardened criminal running an enterprise selling drugs on the streets of a broken down inner city. But in Wisconsin, you can be arrested for drug offenses for any manufacture, distribution, delivery, or possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. You can get convicted even without selling or intending to sell drugs.  Drug...

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Personal Injury Lawsuit

Who Pays for a Personal Injury Claim?

Potential sources to pay your personal injury claim If you suffer a personal injury that someone else causes, you have a right to seek compensation from that person. In Wisconsin, you need to file a personal injury claim within three years to have the right to recover damages. When you do so on time and prove the other person was at fault, you can recover for medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other financial losses. How Personal Injury Claims Arise Personal injuries can arise...

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wisconsin divorce settlement

Valuation Of Assets In A Wisconsin Divorce | Asset Division

Asset Valuation In Wisconsin Divorce And Separation Proceedings The division of marital property is a common component of a Wisconsin divorce or legal separation. In our state, it is presumed that all property and assets should be divided equally between spouses. This is true even if one spouse is not named on the deed, title, or account. The only exceptions to this equal division of assets applies to assets that one spouse received as an inheritance or gift that have not been co-mingled...

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