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Causes of Crashes Vary Depending on Age

Teens are more susceptible to crashes that are due to experience-based factors, for obvious reasons. While even excellent drivers can be involved in crashes due to bad weather, automobile defects, and road hazards, and adults of all ages can cause accidents due to carelessness, teens face some special circumstances that make them more likely to be in an accident and sustain or cause injury.
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Can I Legally Prevent My Children from Seeing Their Other Parent?

In most divorces involving minor children, the parents share legal custody and physical placement. The court does not completely prohibit a parent from having time with their children. However, if a parent is dangerous or abusive to the child, then you may want to prevent him or her from seeing the children. In those situations, there are legal ways to protect the children.

Defending Against a Disorderly Conduct with a Firearm Charge in Wisconsin

You can be arrested for disorderly conduct in Wisconsin for a wide variety of conduct, in public or in your home. While this by itself can bring serious consequences, those consequences can increase if you have a dangerous weapon with you at the time. You will want to consult an experienced attorney right away if you are facing these charges.
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Driving Safely in Foggy Conditions

Wisconsin gives its drivers a multitude of weather problems. You might deal with snow, rain, sleet, and black ice all in the same week. With all these impediments in your commute, it can be easy to forget the perils that fog creates. Your visibility can drop dramatically in foggy weather, rendering your morning drive treacherous if you don't respect the weather. Knowing how to adjust to foggy conditions can help keep you and your fellow motorists safe.
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Signs of a Concussion After a Car Accident

When you are in a car accident and suffer a head injury, you may not notice immediately. Part of this is the body's natural release of adrenaline, which blocks off pain and other warning signals in times of high stress. In addition, head injuries may come with symptoms that do not seem important or dangerous at the time. But doctors are learning more all the time the dangers that concussions create to long-term health. If you are in an accident,[...]
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Remarriage, Child Support And Maintenance

Our family law attorneys often hear the question, "How does my ex's remarriage affect child support and maintenance?" When the parent paying child support gets remarried after a divorce, the court does not consider the new spouse's income when determining support payments, nor can the court order the new spouse to contribute to child support or maintenance.


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