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documenting personal injury expenses

Documenting Expenses in Personal Injury Claims

Accidents are traumatic, and insurance companies and medical professionals are trained to treat you very gently in the aftermath. However, while it is important for you to take time to recover, you or someone you trust should be careful to document all aspects of the accident, from damage to lingering medical issues. Without documentation, you could find that your accident leaves a lasting mark on not only you, but your finances.
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What is drug paraphernalia? What is possession of drug paraphernalia?

In Wisconsin, possession of drug paraphernalia carries significant penalties. Possession can bring a fine of $500 and a jail term up to 30 days, with a drug conviction that stays on your record for years. And if you are convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia with regard to methamphetamine, you are facing felony charges with up to six years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.00.
domestic violence charges and no contact orders

Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Battery in Wisconsin? Here’s What to Do Next

In Wisconsin, domestic battery includes any intentional infliction of physical harm on a spouse, ex-spouse, parent, or anyone with whom you are living. And that harm can consist of any physical act, injury, sexual assault, or illness. Wisconsin treats these allegations seriously. If you are arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, you need to proceed carefully from there. If you react rashly, you can find yourself in more trouble later than when you are first arrested.
winter driving; icy road conditions

Cold Weather Driving Tips

Winter weather brings special perils to your driving experience--in Wisconsin as much as almost anyplace else in the country. To avoid car accidents and other driving problems, make sure you are ready for everything nature throws your way. Getting yourself and your vehicle ready can save you many problems that drivers face in cold weather.
Family Law Attorney - Madison WI

When To Hire A Madison Family Law Attorney

The question of when to hire a family law attorney comes up more often than you'd expect. Many people don't realize how much an attorney can help them early on in a case and wait too long to get legal representation. Others don't realize that they are able to hire a family law attorney because there is no requirement to do so in Wisconsin. However, it's a good idea to consult an attorney any time you find yourself involved in[...]


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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

$12.7 Million

Truck/bike collision

Truck/bike collision

$1.25 Million

truck/semi tractor collision

truck/semi tractor collision

$1 Million

personal injury

personal injury

$2.5 Million

car accident

car accident

$1.3 Million