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child support wisconsin

How Much Child Support Will I Get in Wisconsin?

How to Calculate Wisconsin Child Support Child support is an obligation. If you’ve had children and you and your spouse are no longer together, that does not let your spouse off the hook for financially contributing to the support of the children. However, calculating child support in Wisconsin can be tricky because of extenuating factors available for paying spouses. There are general guidelines you can use to calculate what you’d get in Wisconsin, but be aware that the court...

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juvenile crimes wisconsin

Conviction for juvenile crimes do not have to ruin one's life

Juvenile crimes in Wisconsin – how to protect your future Conviction for a juvenile crime is serious, but it does not have to be the end of the world for you. Wisconsin courts consider extenuating circumstances, including your behavior before and after the crime. This gives you an opportunity to show to the court that you may deserve more lenient sentencing. Courts in Wisconsin look not only at the type of crime, but also the life of the person who was convicted of committing that...

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Father's Rights - Wisconsin

Father's Rights in Wisconsin

What are a Father’s Rights in Wisconsin? If you father a child but are not married to the mother, Wisconsin law does not give you parental rights as a matter of course. The default position is that the mother of the child has sole legal custody of the child. This includes not only the right to determine where the child will live, but also the right to make decisions in his or her life: authorizing non-emergency health care, consent to marriage or military service, and even the choice...

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The Guide to Understanding Bail in Wisconsin

How is Bail determined in Wisconsin? If you are arrested in Wisconsin, your ability to get out of jail before your trial is based on the bail statute. Simply put, bail is what you have to pay to get out of jail between your arrest and being convicted. Whether you are eligible depends on a number of factors, with the court holding a great deal of discretion. How Bail Is Set After you are arrested, you first have to attend your Initial Appearance. This is where the judge determines the amount,...

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post concussion syndrome

Concussion Risks and Prevention

Have you suffered a concussion? Know the signs In football, and more recently in other sports, the dangers of concussions have emerged. More than perhaps any other kind of injury, concussions create problems that, while often only temporary, create significant dangers for athletes who suffer from them. Understanding how to recognize and prevent a concussion is critical for athletes of any age or level of competition. Recognizing Concussion Symptoms A concussion, most simply defined, is a...

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