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$290,000 Settlement for Recalled Knee Implant – December, 2017

Personal injury settlement for defective knee implant – Wisconsin In December, 2017, Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg settled a claim with a medical device implant provider for $290,000. An Eau Claire, Wisconsin man underwent a left total knee arthroplasty, or knee replacement, in 2014. The implanted knee did not provide any bone ingrowth on the tibial component resulting in a defective implant. The implant device was later recalled by the medical device provider. The client underwent a...

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$250,000 Settlement for Rear-End Car Accident – October, 2017

Injuries sustained in Madison Wisconsin car accident result in injury settlement On March 12, 2017, a Madison man was traveling southbound on Highway Y when another vehicle rear-ended his vehicle. The 80 year old man sustained fractures to his mid back, as well as broken ribs. He subsequently underwent a disk fusion surgery at UW Hospital. Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg settled the case for the policy limits of $250,000 with State Farm. The case was settled within six months of the collision,...

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Settlement of $357,000 for Fall down Stairs – October, 2017

Wisconsin woman’s fall down apartment stairs results in personal injury settlement On February 17, 2016, a Portage woman was visiting her sister when she fell down a stairway leading to the basement of her sister’s apartment and resulted in multiple personal injuries to the woman. The landlord haphazardly installed shower towel bar tubes instead of staircase railings. The railings were not continuous, nor did they meet building code requirements. Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg retained...

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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

What is considered solicitation of a minor?

Charged with Solicitation of a minor in Wisconsin? Get legal help from Eisenberg Law The recent emphasis on sexual harassment in Hollywood and other industries has drawn attention to the solicitation of minors, particularly in the case of Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by several women of harassment when the women were teenagers. Solicitation of a minor is a crime that can occur both on- and offline. If you have been accused of soliciting a minor in Wisconsin, that is...

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Sex Crimes In Wisconsin | Sex Crime Fines And Penalties

Recognizing Sex Crimes In Wisconsin Sex crimes are vigorously prosecuted in Wisconsin. When charged with sexual assault you might be facing fines, jail time, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and a criminal record not to mention the impact such a conviction will have on your reputation and relationships at home, with friends, and with co-workers. But what, exactly, constitutes a sex crime in Wisconsin? Broadly Defined Crime Sexual crimes are very broadly defined in Wisconsin....

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