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Unlicensed Drivers Can Still Cause Crashes

One of the statistics they have looked at is how many drivers in car crashes are unlicensed or have something wrong with their license, such as having an expired license. In a 2011 study, about 18.2 percent of drivers in crashes either did not have a license or had one that was invalid -- and these accidents resulted in over 21,000 deaths. The number of non-fatal injuries involving these drivers was likely much higher.
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5 Defenses for Drug Possession in Wisconsin

Drug possession is a felony in Wisconsin, so it's understandable that you'd want to fight the charges. However, be careful doing this because while there are potential defenses, what might look like an easy case to you can run into complications and obstructions if you don't have good representation. You must meet with a lawyer to discuss possible defenses against a drug possession charge.
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Madison Metro Bike Paths

Autumn in Wisconsin provides natural beauty that can rival anyplace else in the country. And the state's bike trails give you the opportunity to get out and enjoy some exercise in the cool air among the falling leaves. When you go out to enjoy a ride, be careful to pay attention to what you are doing. If you follow all the proper safety precautions, you can find tranquility that makes everything else in your life a little better.

Mistakes Commonly Made Following a Dog Bite

Dog bites provide an all-too-common source of injuries in Wisconsin. And unfortunately, children are three to five times more likely than adults to suffer personal injuries from interactions with a dog. Most of these injuries come from a dog the victim knows. If you or your family members have been injured by a dog bite, be careful not to make any of these common mistakes in the aftermath.
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What Is Intentional Homicide In Wisconsin?

Intentional homicide is a specific kind of murder charge in Wisconsin in which you stand accused of killing another person, or a mother and her unborn child, on purpose. If you are arrested for intentional homicide, it is one of the most significant criminal charges that can be brought against you. You need to understand the charge and your rights in this situation.
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Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin – What You Need to Know

In Wisconsin, you can be charged with domestic abuse in response to any violence or disturbance between you and a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, fiancée, or parent to your child. An arrest or conviction can do tremendous harm to your reputation in the workplace and community. Understanding the implications of being charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin, and how to avoid it, is critical to avoid these consequences.


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