Month: September 2017

car accident injuries

Positive Trends Declining with Upsurge in Auto Injuries

Increase in Car Accident Injuries a Disturbing Trend Automobile safety has come a long way since the 1970s. A combination of vehicle safety regulations, a focus on reducing drinking and driving, and a general focus on enforcing traffic laws has made driving a much less dangerous activity than it once was.  Unfortunately, the last two years have started to show a reverse in the decline, with traffic fatalities increasing each of the last two years. Driving has become more deadly, both in the...

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Fighting Drug Charges From Search And Seizure In WI

Search And Seizure: When Can A Police Officer Search A Vehicle? It sounds surprising, but many Wisconsin drug charges and arrests result from routine traffic stops. Since police officers don’t have the right to automatically search a vehicle when they stop it for a traffic violation, how does this happen? Reasonable Suspicion Although officers cannot search a vehicle “just because”, they can search it if they have reasonable suspicion that drugs are inside the vehicle....

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pedestrian hit by car

Madison Personal Injury Attorney | Witness Testimony

Personal Injury Attorney Explains The Importance Of Witnesses In PI Cases Most people have no idea how a personal injury case proceeds or what is required to achieve a fair  settlement or win a jury trial. It starts with a lot of prep work and evidence collection, one of the most important of which is the witness statement. There are three types of witnesses in personal injury cases: first-hand witnesses, lay witnesses, and expert witnesses. First-hand witnesses are people who saw the...

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