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Madison Car Accident Attorneys

What Not to Do After a Car Wreck

Know what not to do if you’re in a car accident The moment a car accident happens is an unpleasant jolt for everyone involved. It often results in people doing or saying things they shouldn’t as they try to maintain a sense of calm while dealing with what could be a horrible situation. If you have been in a car accident, it helps to know what you should not do in case your role in the accident is questioned. Don’t Leave the Scene Wisconsin requires those involved in...

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Madison WI

Possession of Child Pornography in Madison WI

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney if you’re charged with possession of Child Pornography Wisconsin has strict laws regarding the possession of child pornography that can entangle those accused in a difficult situation. It is crucial that anyone charged with possession of child pornography seek legal counsel immediately. Few Outs Wisconsin requires that the person charged knowingly possess the pornography. Possession includes physical possession, like having actual photographs,...

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criminal defense attorney Madison WI

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Defense Attorney In Madison WI?

Consider more than just cost when hiring a defense attorney in Madison WI When you seek legal representation for your defense, unless you are independently wealthy, the cost of the service probably matters to you. But finding that cost will depend on not only the lawyers’ hourly rates; the time required and the steps taken in your defense all are important factors. In the end, you have to weigh not only the billing rates, but also the quality of representation and what you stand to...

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OWI attorney Madison WI

Is Diabetes a DUI Defense in Wisconsin?

Charged with a DUI in Wisconsin? A diabetic episode might provide a defense Police officers in Wisconsin are always on the lookout for potential drunk drivers. While this approach comes in an attempt to protect people from dangerous drivers, at times it can lead to arrests that connect to something other than actual intoxicated driving. If you have diabetes, or even have a hypoglycemic episode without having been diagnosed, this can provide a defense to a DUI or OWI charge in Wisconsin....

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Solicitation by Attorneys

Before responding to solicitation by attorneys, do your homework If you have ever been sued, arrested, hospitalized, or been in a traffic accident, you know one thing you can depend on: hearing from lawyers. Almost as soon as you get home the next day, the calls and the postcards start to arrive. It is almost as though they sense something has happened to you, and swoop in eagerly for their chance to cash in on what happened to you. Before you respond, though, take some time to evaluate the...

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