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Do I Have to Hire an Attorney in the City Where I Live?

Hiring an attorney if you live in a reasonably sized city is usually a simple matter, but for those in smaller communities, the supply of attorneys may be so limited that residents need to look elsewhere. This can create a dilemma because there is a persistent idea that people need to hire attorneys who live in the same city, or at least in an adjacent community. This is not the case, however, because an attorney who is licensed to practice[...]
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Wisconsin Search and Seizure Laws – Warrantless Hidden Video Surveillance

Under both the United States Constitution and the Wisconsin Constitution, citizens have a right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Generally, police cannot use evidence they obtain through illegal means. In the case of hidden surveillance cameras, though, your rights are a little more complicated. You will need to work with an experienced attorney to make sure your rights are protected.
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What Is Lifeguard Negligence?

To protect against drownings and other injuries, pool owners are required to have a certain number of lifeguards on duty. But what if the lifeguards fail to help? If a lifeguard performs negligently and you or a loved one is injured, you have a potential claim against the owner.
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Can Battery Victims Sue for Money?

In Wisconsin someone who physically assaults another is subject to criminal charges for battery. But an arrest and charges under the criminal statute does not prevent you from filing a civil lawsuit as well. In fact, Wisconsin law provides specifically for a civil action against someone who commits a battery against you.
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WI Personal Injury Attorneys | Personal Injury Definition

On the face of it, defining personal injury seems fairly straightforward. If you've been injured, it's a personal injury, right? Not necessarily. The legal definition of a personal injury is "any violation of an individual's rights, other than his/her rights in property." We often think of personal injuries as being slip-and-fall cases or physical accidents, but under this definition personal injuries are not limited to physical injuries. A person could be injured in other ways, libel or slander are good[...]


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