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pedestrian hit by car

Personal Injury Lawyer | Madison, WI | Emergency Car Kits

Personal Injury Lawyer In Madison, WI Shares Important Items To Keep In Your Car Wisconsin is known for its harsh winters and unpredictable weather, but it’s also a popular state in which to vacation. Tourists crisscross the state all year round and most of them visit by car. The combination of weather, lots of drivers on the road, and plain, old bad luck make car accidents and breakdowns inevitable. That’s where emergency car kits become important. While we typically associate...

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car accident attorneys

Car Accident Attorneys | Low-Impact Collision Dangers

Madison Car Accident Attorneys Help Explain Low-Impact Collision Dangers Although high-speed car accidents garner the most media attention, low speed collisions are actually much more common. Low speed collisions occur under 15 miles per hour, leave no skid marks, and cause only minor property damage. That doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous. Any car accident, no matter at what speed it occurred, can result in injuries, property damage, and emotional distress.  Low-impact injuries...

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personal injury

Types of Compensation for Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Compensation – what can you ask for? If you’re considering suing due to a personal injury, you need to be aware of the types of compensation you may be eligible for. There are two main types of damages that you may ask for, but be aware that Wisconsin is a contributory negligence state, which means your financial award may be lower than expected depending on your action or inaction when you were injured. It’s essential that you have a skilled lawyer on your...

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Quantity and Quality in Criminal Drug Charges

Fighting Drug Charges – Madison WI Criminal Attorney The severity of a drug charge depends on the quantity and the type of drugs found on the person in question. If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related offense, your charge will be based on the type of drug and the amount you had on you. You could face multiple charges, too, if you were carrying more than one drug. In order to fight charges like these, you need the help of a skilled criminal attorney in Wisconsin to keep those...

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how to prevent a dog bite injury

Preventing Dog Bite Injuries: Tips to Teach Your Children

Teach your children how to avoid dog bite injuries Most people think of dogs as friendly, lovable pets–and most of the time, that description fits. Still, many dogs are also powerful animals that can be dangerous. Worse yet, most victims of dog bite injuries and attacks are children. You can never completely prevent dogs from attacking, but you can teach your kids some basic tips to help. Steer Clear of Unknown Dogs This one can be hard for kids, but you should teach them...

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