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Felony delivery of a controlled substance for sharing your pain medication

Not everyone who has a prescription for pain medication needs to finish the bottle in order to get the relief they need. However, many of these lucky patients then make a bad move: They give some of their leftover medication to friends, family members, or others who ask for some to help with their pain. If you have leftover pain medication, do not share it with anyone, no matter how convincing their argument may be. To do so could result[...]

When does an online conversation with a minor cross the line?

Online dating apps, text programs, and social media have made it easy for people to contact each other without thinking of the potential real-world consequences of their actions. This bubble allows people to take conversations too far, and when one of those people is a minor, the consequences for the adult can be devastating if they are charged with a sex crime.
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Penalties for Driving On a Suspended License in Wisconsin

You rely on your car every day, for work and for your personal life. But if your license has been suspended, you face significant legal problems under Wisconsin law for continuing to drive. The extent depends on why your license was suspended and what happens when you drive. When you harm property or other people while driving under a suspended license, the penalties increase. Regardless, if you are caught driving with a suspended license, you will need strong legal representation.[...]
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Penalties for Possession of Prescription Drugs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin does not limit possession of illegal drugs to street drugs. Many prescription drugs create dependency and, if you do not have an active prescription, possession of prescription drugs also carries criminal penalties. The fact that these drugs carry less of a social stigma can make them in some ways more dangerous--and Wisconsin law provides for stiff penalties as a result. Illegal possession of prescription drugs can create significant problems for you.
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3 Insider Tips From Car Accident Attorneys

If you are injured in a car accident, you don't have to wait long to be flooded with advice. Fliers and letters pour into your mailbox, and friends and family have plenty of recommendations for you. Before you get started, though, you need to make sure you have everything in order. Here are 3 tips from Madison Car Accident Attorneys:
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Truck Accident Attorneys: Semi Tractor Trailer Accidents

Accidents in your vehicle always create dangers to you and those with you. When your accident involves a semi tractor trailer, though, the size of the vehicle and the force with which it impacts your own vehicle make these accidents even more dangerous. Whether a trailer tips to hit your vehicle or you face direct impact, you need to be ready to protect your rights using the services of truck accident attorneys in Madison WI.


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