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Can I Sue If I Slip on My Neighbor’s Icy Sidewalk?

Ice is the bane of many people's existence, especially if they've ever slipped on it. Sometimes ice just happens, and you have to be careful. But sometimes ice is present because of someone else's neglect, and you can get reimbursed for your medical costs and pain and suffering if you can prove liability. However, proving liability in weather-related slip-and-fall cases can be tricky, and you need a Madison WI lawyer to help you put together a case.

Marijuana Smell Emanating From a Vehicle Constitutes Probable Cause to Search in Wisconsin

Marijuana has become the issue de jour, with more states legalizing the drug for medical use, recreational use, or more. In Wisconsin the drug remains illegal. Precedents for allowing police to search your vehicle if they smell marijuana have been set in court. If you have been pulled over and accused of marijuana use due to an odor of THC, you need to contact a lawyer from Eisenberg Law Offices quickly.

Should You Hire A Madison Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have been injured, it probably did not take long for you to start receiving mail from attorneys all over the state and even beyond. You might move between wanting to choose one of those firms and wanting to throw away every new letter or postcard you receive. The truth is, you need legal representation when you have suffered a serious injury. But choosing the right personal injury attorney in Madison WI can make all the difference for you.[...]

Are Liability Waivers Legally Binding in Wisconsin?

Most businesses, particularly those that provide services with some risk involved, require you to sign a liability waiver before you can participate in an activity there. If you are hurt, though, you may want to sue despite the waiver. In Wisconsin, the waiver may not be effective. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to help you recover despite the presence of a waiver.

Violating a Restraining Order in Wisconsin

If a restraining order or injunction is issued against you in Wisconsin, you cannot treat that order lightly. A court issues the order with specific instructions that you need to follow. When you go against those instructions, intentionally or not, you face arrest, jail, and other consequences. Thus, you should seek legal assistance right away if you have violated a restraining order or injunction.

When Families Face Drug Transportation Charges

If you've ever read a news story about a family faced with drug transportation charges, you may not be too surprised. After all, if it happened under one roof, they probably all knew about it and evidence must have shown that the family was involved, right? Not necessarily. The truth of the matter is that being brought up on drug transportation charges doesn't require active or even primary involvement in drug crimes.

Liability For Bar Fight Injuries | Personal Injuries

Bars are generally a place to relax and unwind in the company of friends, but anytime alcohol is thrown into the mix, the potential for trouble rises. It's not uncommon for arguments to break out and escalate into physical confrontations. The resulting bar fight injuries range from bumps and bruises, to lacerations, head trauma, and even broken bones. Some of these injuries can be quite serious and require extensive medical care and rehabilitation, prompting victims to wonder if they can[...]


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