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Sexting Laws in Wisconsin

As of 2015, Wisconsin's legal code treated sexting as part of its child pornography laws. While there is a movement to change that and give sexting its own set of penalties, the fact remains that sexting can get you into a lot of trouble with life-changing consequences. If you are being charged with sexting, you need the help of a sex crimes attorney in Madison WI immediately.

4th Offense OWI – Now a Felony in Wisconsin

Any OWI offense in Wisconsin carries significant penalties. As of April 25, 2016, though, a fourth offense became even more critical: it now creates an automatic felony if you are convicted. Rather than an extra misdemeanor, the felony can be a burden when you are applying for a job or a loan. Thus, it is more important than ever to avoid multiple OWI convictions, and to get strong legal representation from a Madison criminal lawyer if you are arrested.

Hazing Incidents | Personal Injury Attorney Madison WI

Hazing is a ritual that is engrained in many fraternity and sorority cultures. But times change and what used to be considered "all in good fun" is now considered bullying, dangerous…and prosecutable. Fraternities and sororities that engage in dangerous hazing practices are finding themselves embroiled in lawsuits from injured recruits and their families. Read the following information from Steve Eisenberg, a personal injury attorney in Madison WI to determine if you should consult a lawyer about your situation.

Road Rage Assaults Can Lead to Serious Criminal Charges

Driving on busy highways and city streets can lead to tension between you and other drivers. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to aggressive, dangerous driving that causes an accident or gives way to a physical altercation. If you assault a person in this situation, you become subject to criminal charges that go well beyond the costs of repairing the damage to your car and the car of the other driver. Our Madison WI criminal defense attorney provides insight to road rage[...]

Personal Injury: What Is Whiplash?

Neck injuries occur frequently in car accidents. When your vehicle stops suddenly or takes impact from another vehicle, your body jolts in a way that puts strain on your neck and spine. This strain creates whiplash injuries, in which your head moves separately from the rest of your body and injures the neck. Unfortunately, the full impact of this kind of injury does not set in right away. It might begin with soreness; in fact, you may not even feel[...]

Can I Sue if I Fall in a Store?

If you fall in a store and suffer an injury, you can sue the store for damages, up to three years after the event occurs. Whether you win the case, though, depends on several factors. All of it hinges on the duties that the store owner has. If that owner is negligent, you have a right to recover for the injuries you sustain, as well as lost wages and other related damages you suffer.


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