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Division of Marital Property in Wisconsin

A significant percentage of all marriages end in divorce, and this disheartening fact means that many couples in Wisconsin must address the division of marital property.  Wisconsin is a marital property state , which means that all marital property is generally divided equally in divorce. Our Madison, WI divorce attorneys can guide you through this difficult time, and help ensure your rights are represented. Wis. Stat. 767.61 sets forth the statutory guidelines concerning property subject...

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Can a Police Officer Search My Car During a Wisconsin Traffic Stop?

Being pulled over by a police officer can be an intimidating experience. Worse, sometimes traffic stops can progress to searches, questioning, and even arrest. It is important to understand your rights to ensure that they are not violated. As Madison, WI criminal defense attorneys, we see cases where individuals consented to a search because they did not realize they had the right to refuse. When is it okay for the police to search my car during a traffic stop? In order to search your car,...

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The Collateral Source Rule Protects Citizens of Wisconsin

< ![CDATA[ At Eisenberg Law Offices, we feel a responsibility to educate the citizens of Wisconsin about a bill proposed by the Republicans in the State House and Senate. This bill threatens to negatively impact the financial recovery of individuals involved in accidents. This bill would significantly alter Wisconsin’s collateral source rule.

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Five Reasons to Choose an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

< ![CDATA[ If you have been injured in a car accident, at the construction site, or through the use of a defective medical device, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. You likely have many questions regarding medical bills, potential insurance claims, and lost pay. You may even be dealing with phone calls from overzealous insurance agents.

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What Compensation Can I Receive from My Personal Injury Case?

< ![CDATA[ Personal injuries often result in more than just some medical bills. In fact, some injuries can require extensive time off work and ongoing therapy. You may need time to heal and may bear emotional scars for some time to come. Your injuries may affect your livelihood and your ability to support your family. Obviously in these cases, simple reimbursement for medical bills will not begin to suffice. Here are some damages typically considered as part of a personal injury claim:

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