Month: December 2014

Help For Holiday Visitation Scheduling After Divorce

Wisconsin Family Law Offers Solutions For Holiday Visitation The holidays often become a battleground for divorced couples, but Wisconsin family law is clear that children should be able to spend time with their parents based on a schedule. Many people rotate holidays throughout the year. The kids may spend major holidays with each parent on alternate years. If you want to change the schedule, you must agree with your former spouse or risk being in contempt of the court order that specifies...

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How Much Should You Have To Pay For The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Eisenberg Law Offices,S.C. offers these insights. A Public Defender Will Cost You Nothing The Constitution guarantees an attorney for anyone charged with a crime. Many public defenders are overburdened with cases and often inexperienced in court, but they are usually competent and passionate about their jobs. While you might obtain more personal attention from a private attorney that you hire yourself, you are always better off having a public defender than defending yourself. Because...

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