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Types of Compensation for Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Compensation - what can you ask for? If you're considering suing due to a personal injury, you need to be aware of the types of compensation you may be eligible for. There are two main types of damages that you may ask for, but be aware that Wisconsin is a contributory negligence state, which means your financial award may be lower than expected depending on your action or inaction when you were injured. It's essential that you have a skilled lawyer on your side should you go to … Continue Reading

Quantity and Quality in Criminal Drug Charges

Fighting Drug Charges - Madison WI Criminal Attorney The severity of a drug charge depends on the quantity and the type of drugs found on the person in question. If you've been arrested for a drug-related offense, your charge will be based on the type of drug and the amount you had on you. You could face multiple charges, too, if you were carrying more than one drug. In order to fight charges like these, you need the help of a skilled criminal attorney in Wisconsin to keep those charges as mild … Continue Reading

how to prevent a dog bite injury

Preventing Dog Bite Injuries: Tips to Teach Your Children

Teach your children how to avoid dog bite injuries Most people think of dogs as friendly, lovable pets--and most of the time, that description fits. Still, many dogs are also powerful animals that can be dangerous. Worse yet, most victims of dog bite injuries and attacks are children. You can never completely prevent dogs from attacking, but you can teach your kids some basic tips to help. Steer Clear of Unknown Dogs This one can be hard for kids, but you should teach them that, just … Continue Reading

Personal Injury Lawsuit

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Wisconsin?

What is the Deadline for filing Personal Injury claim in Wisconsin? If you are injured in Wisconsin, you cannot wait indefinitely before you bring your claim. The state imposes statutes of limitation, or legal limits on the time between when you are injured and when you can file a claim. This protects both you and those responsible for injuries, but it can be tricky to navigate. Reasons for Statutes of Limitation One immutable truth about people is that memories fade over time. You may … Continue Reading

Criminal Lawyer Madison WI

Can I Appeal a Court Decision or Judgment?

Appeal a Court Decision in Madison WI Sometimes a trial leads to a verdict with which you do not agree. A jury will not always find in your favor, even if it seems like you should win your case. But what can you do if you feel strongly that the court got it wrong? In some situations, an appeal can help you get the legal relief you need. The Facts Cannot Support the Verdict The trial court, whether you are in a criminal or civil case, is responsible for hearing and interpreting the facts … Continue Reading

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