Wisconsin Law Firm: Criminal Defense Case Results

Madison, WI, Priest Acquitted in Sex Assault Trial

On December 5, 2011, a Dane County Jury returned a verdict of not guilty on an allegation that a Madison, WI, priest sexually assaulted a teenage girl in 2004.  Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg of Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. argued that the allegations of sexual assault by the teenage girl were the result of false memories that formed in the girl’s mind during mental health therapy sessions and augmented by psychology classes she took in school. 

The defense argued that the young girl’s story was inconsistent and that when she started psychiatric therapy, some facets of the therapy, including a technique called guided imagery, inadvertently led to reconfiguration of her memory about the events to the point that her memories were unreliable.


Eisenberg argued that the young girl utilized real memories of specific events that merged into memories that did not actually take place as a result of her dreams, fantasies and hallucinations.

Not guilty jury verdict on a felony charge of possession of burglary tools

During the week of July 18, 2011, Mark Eisenberg was successful in obtaining a not guilty jury verdict on a felony charge of possession of burglary tools.  The defendant also had numerous firearms in his possession.  The State did not want the defendant to possess firearms because it believed the defendant was a danger to society.

As a result, the State charged the defendant with felony possession of burglary tools in an attempt to have the defendant declared a felon.  If the defendant was convicted, he would no longer be able to possess firearms under both state and federal law.  The defendant was found not guilty of the felony possession of burglary tools charge.

Jury Acquits Man of Three Felonies in 35 Minutes

In January, 2010, a Grant County jury returned not guilty verdicts against a Grant County resident on three counts of first degree sexual assault, false imprisonment and strangulation.

The client was represented by Stephen J. Eisenberg of Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. The case involved a claim by a woman that the man sexually assaulted her at gun point, refused to allow her to leave the premises and strangled her to the point where she could no longer breathe and was in fear for her life. The jury returned not guilty verdicts in approximately 35 minutes.

Child Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed After Hung Jury

Stephen J. Eisenberg of Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. represented a Dane County resident in April, 2010, on a charge of first degree sexual assault of a child. An 8-year-old Dane County resident alleged that four years earlier, when she was barely 4 years old, that Mr. Eisenberg’s client sexually assaulted her during a sleep-over at his residence.

After a 2-day trial in Dane County Circuit Court, the jury was deadlocked at 11-1 not guilty. Jury verdicts in criminal cases must be unanimous. The judge declared a mistrial. Shortly thereafter, the State elected not to pursue another trial and the charge of first degree sexual assault of a child was dismissed.

Not Guilty Verdict in 25 Minutes for Sauk County Man

In January, 2010, a Columbia County jury returned a verdict of not guilty in 25 minutes in favor of a Sauk County man who was charged with reckless endangering safety for allegedly pushing an individual over a railing from eight feet above ground. There were at least eight witnesses who saw the alleged act.

The jury was out 25 minutes, not believing that the defendant had actually shoved the complainant over the railing. The case was tried by Mark A. Eisenberg.

Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Case Ends in Hung Jury

Eisenberg Law firm represented a Wisconsin traffic homicide case involving a car and bicycle collision.  After 12 hours of deliberation, the jury could not reach a verdict. The prosecution considers a retrial.


Not Guilty Verdict in Two Wisconsin Sexual Assault Cases

A Rock County jury found a man not guilty of sexually assaulting his girlfriend after three hours of deliberation. Mark Eisenberg challenged the credibility of the complaining witness. Shortly thereafter, Rock County again charged the man with a second sexual assault in a bar. This time the jury was out less than an hour and found him not guilty. 

The attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices have worked on a variety of cases involving sexual assault, child sexual assault, rape, and others.  If you have been accused of sexual assault in the state of Wisconsin, contact the attorneys of Eisenberg Law Offices.

Jury Acquits Man of Negligent Homicide in Fatal Crash

A Dane County jury acquitted a Daleyville man of negligent homicide for a fatal crash. The State argued that the defendant was criminally negligent in failing to stop at a stop sign. Steve Eisenberg successfully argued to the jury that his client’s behavior was merely accidental and not criminal.  Eisenberg Law Offices has never lost a negligent homicide trial.  If you or someone you know has been accused of negligent homicide in Wisconsin, contact the attorneys at Eisenberg Law.  Read more...

Portage Man Acquitted of Child Sex Assault Charges

Eisenberg Law defended a Portage, Wisconsin man who was charged with sexually assaulting a 4-year old child. Steve Eisenberg argued that the incident never occurred and that the child had been exposed to sexual materials in his own home and the defendant was found not guilty.  Some of Wisconsin’s best sexual assault attorneys can be found at Eisenberg Law Offices.  If you are facing Wisconsin sexual assault or child sexual assault charges, speak to an attorney at Eisenberg Law about your case.  Read more... 

Wisconsin Drug Case Results in Dropped Charges

Charges against a couple accused of running a drug operation out of a day care facility were dropped by a circuit court judge after Steve Eisenberg convinced the judge that the Sheriff’s Department had fabricated evidence to obtain a warrant to search the home.  Being convicted of a drug crime or offense can have serious consequences.  If you have been accused of a Wisconsin drug crime, make sure that your rights stay protected and hire an experienced drug crime attorney from Eisenberg Law Firm.  Read more... 

Not Guilty Verdict in Wisconsin Bar Shooting Case

A Dane County jury found a man innocent of firing 10 gunshots into a State Street tavern. Mark Eisenberg questioned the reliability of the prosecution’s witnesses as well as the reliability of the gunshot residue evidence in closing arguments. The jury found his client not guilty despite the fact that there were numerous eyewitnesses. Read more... 

Dane County Jury Finds Man Not Guilty of Molesting his Daughter

Steve Eisenberg convinced a Dane County jury to find a Brooklyn man not guilty following a jury trial on charges that the man sexually assaulted his 6-year-old daughter. The man was in the middle of a custody battle with the child’s mother when the allegations surfaced.

Madison Man Found Not Guilty of Second Degree Reckless Homicide

Mark Eisenberg obtained a jury verdict of not guilty in a case where a man was charged with second degree reckless homicide resulting from a bar fight. Mark convinced the jury that his client was acting in self defense and had only thrown one punch, which resulted in the death. 

Man Acquitted of Federal Drug Charges

A federal jury found a Madison man not guilty of delivering cocaine despite the fact that five alleged accomplices testified for the government that the defendant had delivered cocaine.  Mark Eisenberg convinced the jury that all five of these witnesses were lying in order to receive benefits from the government on their own charges.